St. Patrick’s Day

My name is Corina Prunty and I’m currently doing a work placement with Piccadilly time, which they have so kindly given me. I have travelled from Ireland over to Grenoble and I’m loving every minute of it so far. I have been asked to write a post on something relating to Ireland so I thought why not write something about St. Patrick’s day which has so recently paced. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the 17th of March. Many people around the world know and have heard of St Patrick’s day, but many are unaware of what it is actually about.

For many years I actually hadn’t the faintest idea of what it was about myself, as in primary school we were always told of the tale of St. Patrick banishing all the snakes from Ireland and that didn’t sound quite right. Many legends and myths have been made up over the years about St.Patrick but what the day really celebrates is his arrival into Ireland and the introduction of Christianity to Ireland. St Patrick would be Ireland’s patron saint, however an interesting fact is that he is not actually originally from Ireland. It is believed that St Patrick was taken from his home in Roman Britain in the fourth century by Irish raiders back to Ireland to act as a slave. During these years he worked as a shepherd watching over sheep, during this time he « found god ». It is said that god told him that there would be a ship waiting for him at the coast where it would take him home. After this St. Patrick returned home and went on to become a priest, he then returned to Ireland and converted thousands of Irish pagans to Christianity. It is believed that he converted over 40,000 Irish pagans during his time in Ireland.

Nowadays St Patricks Day is celebrated all around the world. It is celebrated with parades, célitidhe (Irish music & dancing) , alcohol and food. There is also church services on that day. It is tradition to dress in green clothing and wear shamrocks. It is always an exciting and eventful day for everyone celebrating this holiday.

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